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Meet Liam from Supported Lodgings

Supported Lodgings provides family-style accommodation to homeless young people. Registered Householders offer a room in their own home, with a shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each young person receives support from their Householder and a Support Worker to prepare for independent living.

When Liam’s relationship broke down with his partner, his family made it clear that, due to his sexuality, he would not be welcome in the family home. At the age of 17 and homeless he was welcomed into the home of a Supported Lodgings Householder.

Liam formed a great relationship with his Householder and, reflecting on his time with her, said that she was instrumental in teaching him life skills including cooking, washing and money management. Liam admits, “They might seem like simple tasks, but I had no clue on what to do and they really supported me in giving me the skills I needed to prepare myself for the outside world”.

With no place in education or employment, Liam was lacking motivation. With help from his Support Worker, he was accepted on to a course at Liverpool Community College. He thoroughly enjoyed this and went on to secure his first job working in a call centre.

With a support network around him and a secure place to live, Liam started planning towards securing his own tenancy, saving money and buying items every pay day.

Shortly after, Liam was delighted to be placed on the housing register and began to bid on properties. Without the guidance from his Householder he admits, “I wouldn’t have had the knowledge on how to move into my own place confidently and independently.”

18 months on from the day that Liam found himself homeless, he is now working for a company that supports adults with learning difficulties, he has secured his own flat and has kitted it out with everything that he needs from his pay day purchases and savings. He has, never been happier than he is right now.

“The Supported Lodgings team put a roof over my head when I didn’t have anywhere to go. I was lucky to have my key worker and householder”

When asked what impact Local Solutions has had on his life Liam said, “I always had a support network, there was always someone to help cheer me on and calm me down and support me to tackle the issues I had head on instead of running away from them.”

We’re recruiting Supported Lodgings Householders to provide practical and emotional support to a young person living in their home. Contact us here to find out how you can help.

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