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Mytime launches in Milton Keynes, giving carers the break they deserve

Mytime has launched in Milton Keynes connecting unpaid carers who could benefit from a break from their demanding roles with businesses and organisations who kindly donate complimentary leisure, cultural and educational activities.

Mytime ensures unpaid carers are recognised and supported in our communities. One of the most important ways we can do this is by giving carers opportunities to have time-out from their caring responsibilities.

The initiative was started by the Liverpool charity, Local Solutions. The idea is to give carers space to relax and recharge, and offer some social interaction, helping them return to their caring role with renewed energy and confidence.

Often, we take for granted the simple freedoms of meeting up with friends, reading a book, going on holiday, pursuing hobbies, or even just having time to rest. These activities enhance and bring joy to our lives but for many carers and those they care for, these opportunities are beyond their reach.

The UK’s 6.5 million unpaid carers save the economy an estimated £132bn each year; but this role can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Against a backdrop of service cuts, research from Carers UK found that 40 per cent of carers have not had a break in over a year.

The simple gift of an overnight stay, lunch, or a break to the cinema makes a world of difference to a carer. All of the simple pleasures in life that we often take for granted like reading a book, or having time to relax, are rare special occasions for the tens of thousands of carers that devote their time unselfishly.

Mytime partners with businesses and organisations who kindly donate complimentary break opportunities to carers registered with Mytime. No offer is too small or unique, a gesture as simple as coffee and cake can make all the difference.

Hazel Brown, Head of Communities at Local Solutions said: “We are so pleased to be launching Mytime in Milton Keynes.

“Caring for someone can be very demanding both physically and emotionally and having time to yourself can make such a difference. The simple gift of offering some a break to carers means so much to them as their daily lives are filled with the self-less act of devoting their time to a family member, friend or those living with a debilitating disability.

“We are looking forward to partnering with local businesses across Milton Keynes and the wider area and thanking local unpaid carers for their unmeasurable contribution that that they tirelessly dedicate to society.”

This is an exciting opportunity for businesses and organisations to get involved and give something back to their local community.

If you would like to get involved with MyTime and offer a complimentary break for carers in the shape of an overnight stay, activity, meal or another idea then head to their website or contact

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